High-Quality Wood Finishes by Penofin®

Beginning production in 1982, Penofin penetrating oil rapidly became one of the leading high-quality oil finishes preferred by Canadian painters, not to mention the USA, and even around the globe. You’ll find Penofin used on fences, decks, siding, gazebos, log homes, floors, cabinets, and more. Penofin believes in supporting their own, and as such they’ve made a commitment to keeping their manufacturing process local to their United States headquarters. Additionally, they products can only be found in local retailers.

Brazilian Rosewood Oil

Utilizing Brazilian Rosewood Oil provides unsurpassed wood finishing and penetrating qualities. The oil is harvested from the Oiticia trees, the seeds to be exact, and has it’s own set of intriguing characteristics that make for a fantastic no-film finish. The process used to harvest the oil does not cut down or damage trees, thus this process is sustainable and supports the local economy.

Transoxide Pigments

Unique Penofin formula utilizes pigments which penetrate the wood protecting it from 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This results in a rich, transparent coloration which improves the natural beautify and characters of the wood grain.

Penetration & Performance

A very important feature of Penofin, is the ability to deeply penetrate into wood surfaces, protecting and stabilizing the wood fibers without impeding the wood flexibility. Penofin does not create lap marks, and also features a fast dry time. Low-solid formulation provides crack, peel, and chip resistance. Further, an advanced mildewcide is used to slow the proliferation of mold and mildew.

No Stripping, No Sanding

Penofin is easy to apply when contrasted with traditional surface stains. This is due to the deeply penetrating formula – simply clean the surface, allow it to dray, and re-apply Penofin as necessary. No need for standard aggressive surface preparation.

Blue Label Penofin (Exterior)

blue label penofin can

Blue Label is considered the workhouse of the Penofin product line, providing ten transparent lines featuring Brazilian Rosewood Oil which deeply penetrates and protects wood from moisture, and provides 90% UV protection. Transoxide pigments don’t fade, become chalky, or peel.

Ultra Premium Penofin (Exterior)

ultra premium penofin can

Featuring the highest Penofin performance available, Ultra Premium Formula cones in ten transparent tones and features 99% UV protection (due to a high-level of transoxide pigment content), and mildew protection. Deep penetration does not form a film on wood surfaces.

Penofin Verde (Interior & Exterior)

penofin verde canVerde is designed to the highest of environmental standards, formulated for interior and exterior performance, boasts zero VOCs, and is an odourless stain. Safe for use around pets, plants, and children. Verde is an industry-leading green penetrating oil product.

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