Exterior trim & eaves paint

Is your trim or eaves stained? Is the paint chipped or peeling?
For the best results, you may want to prep and use a primer before coating with paint.

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best weather conditions to paint exterior trim & eaves?

Ideal outdoor painting temperatures would be 25°C (77°F) without humidity. But, reality is different. 

  • Plan based on the weather. Rain can ruin a new coat of paint and cause damage to hours of work. Weather is a crucial component to a successful exterior painting project. Avoid painting below 4.4°C (40°F).
  • Refer to the paint can label. Every paint will have it’s own specific recommendations for weather-related issues – make sure to take a look before you begin.
  • High humidity and low temperatures? These are bad combinations. The humidity will affect how quickly a product dries.


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