Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X™ – A revolutionary, single-component paint possessing unparalleled scuff resistance. Crafted for professionals, Scuff-X is engineered to provide the best possible protection against scuffs.

Experience the Power of SCUFF-X™

A single-component application – see for yourself how Scuff-X allows you to easily and quickly protect high traffic areas.

Scuff-X – For a Wide Variety of Areas

SCUFF-X™ Crushes The Competition

When compared with competitors, Scuff-X delivers superior scuff-resistance. What makes Scuff-X stand apart from the competition, is that it protects scuffs right from the outset resulting in a minimum of maintenance.

The results are plain as day – for the best protection use Scuff-X.

Skate Park in Law Firm Test


Skateboards are notorious for leaving scuff marks on walls. Benjamin Moore put their product to the test by building a skate park in a law firm to test just how far they could push the limits.

The results speak for themselves.

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