Modern Masters Paint & Products

Modern Masters paint & products have been recognized as one of the world’s top manufacturers of specialty water base paint products and high-end decorative finishes. Providing innovative and thoughtful products, Modern Masters Inc is a leader in faux finishing, theme / entertainment products, and decorative painting finishes.

Wide variety of faux finishes and decorative paints

Modern Masters has quite a number of products for a wide range of applications; faux finish, decorative paints, metallic paints, flourescent & invisible black light paints, crackles & varnishes, water-based glaxes, and even tintable self-sealing texturing mediums.

How to apply Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint Collection®

Metallic Paint Collection from Modern Masters

Experience the beaufy of shimmering metallic paint by substituting latex paint with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection. Requiring no special skills or artistic talent to work with, metallic paint is an elegant alternative to run-of-the-mill latex paint.

The Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection is available in a wide palette, each featuring unique colours, tints and shades.

For further details regarding Modern Masters faux and decorative painting products, or to learn more about the entire Modern Masters line, please contact us for more info.

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