Magnetic paint makes any surface magnet-ready!

Magnamagic magnetic paintmagnetic paint from Rustoleum

Stick magnets on any wall you like with the power of magnetic paint! Tiny ferromagnetic particles suspended within specially formulated paint allow you to paint a magnetic surface anywhere you desire. Simply apply according to directions, allow for the surface to cure, and you’ve a brand new space for magnets to cling to. Magnetic paint is available in a number of different brands, each with their specific strengths. In most cases magnetic paint can be used as a primer, allowing you to create a secret magnetic spot on your wall. Alternatively you can purchase magnetic chalkboard paint allowing you to create both a magnetic surface and a chalkboard – kids love it!

Magnetic paint that’s also a chalkboard?

Magnamagic magnetic chalkboard paint allows you to get the best of both worlds, which will save you the time and effort required to paint the same surface with two separate products. Buy one can and you’re done.

Fantastic magnetic paint ideas include:

  • Put up artwork and posters using magnets so you do not damage your walls.
  • Place magnetic stencils on your wall for attractive, unique, and easily replaceable looks.
  • Magnetic walls are a great opportunity to create non-messy play spaces for children using all sorts of fun magnets.

Magnetic paint is available in a variety of paint brands including, but not limited to, Rustoluem magnetic paint and Magnamagic magnetic chalkboard paint. For further information give us a call.

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