Almost any surface can be painted with premium performance Notable™ Dry Erase Paint. Transform any surface into a white board using classic “whiteboard” Notable White, or use Notable Clear which transforms any existing paint colour into a dry erase surface.

A Dry Erase Paint, Anywhere You Need

Residential, commercial or professional spaces Notable allows you to craft great ideas on any surface.

The comprehensive dry erase kit is a 2-component paint system, a roller-cover is supplied in addition to detailed instructions explaining the entire application process.

Applicable to Any Space

Virtually any space can be transformed into a creative space.

Kids rooms, basements, kitchen, home offices can all reap the rewards of the fun meets functional space that Notable provides.

Convert boring space into brainstorming space.

Inspire learning and achievement by providing learners accessible dry erase surfaces.

Quickly and easily update food and drink items, specials, and messages to staff or customers anywhere you want.

Update staff and guests with the most pertinent and latest information.

Notable is for professional use in all interior spaces. Anywhere there’s a wall, Notable can bring transform them into functional surfaces.

Apply to Nearly Any Surface

Notable can be applied to nearly every surface imaginable:

  • Painted surfaces
  • Metal
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Glass

If you want a classic dry erase board look select Notable White, or to transform an existing surface into a dry erase surface select Notable Clear. You’re limited only by your imagination as to what you can turn into a dry erase surface.

When considering markers, Expo Bold are highly recommended for Notable surfaces.

notable paint can be applied to any surface
notable dry erase kit components

What’s in The Kit?

Notable comes as a 2-part paint system, with a cure time is 7 days. The benefits of Notable are many:

Easy to Erase
Keep your surface clean and ready for fresh ideas.

10-year Limited Warranty
Not a much chance you’ll need this, but it’s nice to have.

Makes application of Notable much more user-friendly.

No cracking, yellowing, or peeling
The high gloss finish Notable provides keeps your walls looking fresh.

4-hour Pot Life
Many competitors dry erase products have a limiting 1-hour pot life. That means you only have 1 hour to apply the paint before you have to throw the remainder in the bin. 4-hour pot life means more time to make sure your surface is done right.

How to Paint Notable?

Notable is a simple to use dry erase paint, check out this video here for detailed instructions which also covers tips such as the best supplies to use for ideal results.

Steps covered in the video include:

  • Prepare a flawless starting surface
  • Tape off sizable bottom border
  • Apply the right primer
  • Do not use either part by itself
  • Use the correct tools
  • Touchups within 30 minutes, do all painting within 4 hours

Follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way to a flawless dry erase surface.

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