Abatron – For Restorations and Repairs

Abatron restoration products are recognized by industry leaders as fantastic products for the restoration of metal, wood, ceramic, stone, concrete, in addition to many other finishes and coatings.

LiquidWood™ – Complete Wood Restoration

Abatron LiquidWoodRestore broken, crumbling wood back to hard, weather resistant and durable state with LiquidWood™. Once cured wood is fully workable once again. Can be used to restore a wide-range of deteriorated wood, from artwork frames to boats.

LiquidWood™ adheres well to nearly any wood. Adding stability, structural strength, in addition to water resistance. The two part compound is easy to use, producing no VOCs or bad smells.

WoodEpox™ – Putty Based Wood Restoration

Abatron WoodEpox

A strong putty wood replacement compound, WoodEpox™ can be used on any thickness of wood for either decorative or structural purposes. Ideal for filling, repairing, or extending wood and other similar materials.

WoodEpox™ cures into with a permanent, incredibly strong bond on many different materials and surfaces in addition to wood including fiberglass, ceramics, glass, concrete, metal. Filling holes and cracks without crumbling like most fillers, allowing it to be worked with as wood after it has been applied.

Repair and resurface concrete with Abocrete

Abocrete is an epoxy purpose-designed for concrete repairs and maintenance, able to bond solidly with concrete it can be used to fix holes, cracks, or even for installation of fixtures. Abocrete can also be used to resurface existing concrete; useful for sidealks, driveways, playgrounds, or anywhere else concrete may require repairs. Abocrete resists corrosion from oil, salt water, and many other checmicals that are considered harmful to concrete.

High Performance Adhesives & Sealants

Abatron also feature many adhesives and sealants; anchoring compounds, exposies, and joint sealants. Structural adhesives such as the Aboweld are best used for repair and architectural needs. BestBond is another product which can be used on many forms of wood and porous materials.

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