As one of the oldest paint applicator companies in North America, The Wooster Brush Company has a long history of providing people with quality products that are easy on the wallet without sacrificing quality. Among their many lasting innovations, Wooster was the first to develop the the angle sash and the Shasta® paint brushes, each of which are still used today by professional painters. They also were the first company to use nylon filaments in brushes specially designed for latex paints. And finally, they’re also famous for creating the “Foss-set” method of cementing bristles to brushes, an innovation that pretty much revolutionized the modern paintbrush.

Two of Wooster’s standout product lines are their rollers and brushes. Every single one of these products is made with care and consideration for the people painting, and each sport some amazing technological innovations that can only come from a company that’s been around as long as Wooster.

As one of the country’s oldest paint brush companies, Wooster is a solid choice for people who want technologically advanced and specified applicators. So if you find yourself talking to someone that thinks all brushes and rollers are the same, you can point them to Wooster brand products. That will change some minds and leave people with beautiful painting jobs.

Wooster Brushes

wooster_brush_500x500First, their paint brushes. While Wooster brushes are famous for their filaments and setting processes, it’s actually their most recent innovations that have professional painters most excited. Unlike other companies, who are content to sell products that people know haven’t changed in years, the Wooster brush is constantly evolving to meet new demands and new innovations in the industry. They really are a company that can’t stand still, quickly adapting to any new technology that comes out. And one of those amazing technologies that Wooster is constantly updating is the bristle coating. The Wooster brush is known for highlighting the paint applied, and by that we mean it applies an even amount of paint for more of your brushstrokes. So while other paint brushes, you’ll notice, may give you a solid amount of paint for the first half of your stroke, a Wooster brush will give you a lot more, reducing painting times and giving you a more even, and better painting job.

Wooster Rollers

wooster_rollerBut The Wooster Brush Company is also quick to point out that while their brushes get much of the attention, their rollers and roller covers are among some of the industry’s finest. And when it comes to rollers, Wooster focuses on quality construction over anything else. It all starts with the right materials. Wooster has spent over a century fostering relationships with the best fabric supply companies on the continent, and even have specially made fabrics made just for their brushes. From there, each is manufactured on a 2-ply polypropylene core, which resists water, solvents, and cracking for a stronger, more durable roller coat. So no matter the job, you know that a Wooster roller is made to last, and to do the job right the first time.

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