Founded in 1885, Richard have been in business for years developing and manufacturing innovative painting tools and products, making life easier for professionals and DIY painters alike.

Richard Fat-Boy Products

Every item in the Fat-Boy series from Richard is specifically designed to make the lives of contractors easier, to improve their productivity and reduce labour costs. From high-capacity paint trays and rollers, to specialty scrapers and pole attachments.

Richard has designed and developed a wide-range of products that are sure to improve your painting experience, for more details please contact us or visit our store.

Fat Boy Brushes

fatboyBut that’s just the beginning for the Fat-Boy line. The rollers and other supplies are all designed to get you painting faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. The Fat-Boy brushes have a unique oval shape that can carry more paint than traditional brushes, making them better for getting those bigger paint jobs done in a jiffy. And as for the Fat-Boy rollers, they’re sized to maximize paint retention and get you painting faster. Even the smaller Fat-Boy roller comes in at an astounding 2.5” in diameter and “9.5” in length. So those big surfaces get covered quickly and without hassle.

Need a hand? From finding the right colour to complex project advice, we’re here to help.

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