cabinet & furniture paint

 INSL-X Cabinet Coat is the perfect finish for refinishing in the kitchen or bathroom.

The superior adhesion of Cabinet Coat allows you to paint even the most difficult surfaces without needing a primer.

Cabinet Coat provides easy application, superior stain resistance, and a durable finish that will last for many years.

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cabinet coat

what colour should you paint your cabinets?

Consider the materials such as countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, flooring, and flooring when choosing a new color for your cabinets. These colour cues can inspire you to choose a new color for your cabinets.

Add Drama to Your Cabinets

You can add drama to your cabinets by using a deep colour like Char Brown 2137-20. This is also available in Pearl finish. You can make your cabinets shine more if you use a richer colour, at any gloss sheen. This will give them a sophisticated look.

Highlight Small Portions

A small portion of your cabinetry can be highlighted with a deeper color, while the rest of the kitchen can be complemented with classic hues such as off-white and putty.