Craftsmanship, precision and beauty have been the heart and soul of Benjamin Moore since 1883. Today, our newest innovation, Century, continues this legacy.

Century; an experience, more than just paint.

Precision is at the core of every successful artisan in the pursuit of the strictest of standards, with the goal of stirring the senses in unthinkable ways.

With Century, Benjamin Moore continues its long-standing legacy of innovation.

Developed for those for whom ordinary is not an option, Century is a small batch interior paint available in a curated palette of 75 pre-mixed colours–each with unprecedented depth and richness.

Century is the first paint with a Soft Touch Matte Finish, the result of a precise science that adds a new dimension to walls, similar to a soft leather glove. Century not only transforms a room. It transforms paint.

benjamin moore century paint tray

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